Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Final Summit by Andy Andrews

In The Final Summit character David Ponder is taken to another realm to answer a question that will impact the course of humanity. There he meets other "Travelers" like himself that have affected human history. With time running out, philosophical, moral, and spiritual attributes are discussed in order to surmise an answer that will give humanity another chance.

Although the themes of this novel were largely humanistic in their approach, their origins are definitely from a Christian worldview. I found the implications of these discussions (largely done through historical characters life experiences) fascinating. While at times the interchange of ideas seemed tedious to me, the historical content added some interest.

The story of Eric Erikson was intriguing to me, largely because I had never heard of him before. Andrews includes his story of how Nazi Germany was defeated with his help. Other historical characters include Winston Churchill, Lincoln, and Joan of Arc. This book allows you to think "outside of the box" although the characters are overshadowed by Andrews own subscribed values.

I personally struggled with the idea that "the creator" was far removed from the summit process and only spoke through his messenger. By the same token
, I understand that the point of The Final Summit is to show us the liberty and free will that God has given us.

While not a difficult read, it was apparent that the reader could take these discussions to the level and depth that they desired. This was also demonstrated by a readers guide at the back of the book. I found the overall message inspiring.

I would recommend this book if you are looking for something that will challenge your beliefs and inspire you to do something with your life.

I got this book free from Book Sneeze and this is my unbiased review.

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