Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Behemoth By Jonathan C. Leicht

Behemoth is  a great new fictional thriller by Jonathan C. Leicht.  He is well known for his theories and arguments for Creationism.  Behemoth begins with character's Professor Stephen Gregory and Jim Thompson. They are at different ends of the world and schools of thought, both ending up in the pursuit of something of so real neither could of imagined it... marvelous creatures in the heart of Africa, long thought extinct.  

 I loved this book!  It was fascinating and kept me up late into the wee morning hours!  Behemoth takes you on such an adventure that you just can't put it down until you know what happens. It's premise was so original, its writing quirky and adventurous.

Leicht interjects many of his creationist theories throughout the book.  I really enjoyed these tidbits of information that really challenge the theory of Evolution.  What I liked about this is that not many may  devote their life to scientific truth like Leicht, but the reader gets their scientific appetite whetted without even picking up a textbook.

I recommend Behemoth,  especially if you are looking for something full of action and adventure.

5 Stars out of 5.

This book was provided to me for free by Book Sneeze, contingent on an unbiased review.

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