Monday, January 21, 2013

Isle of Shadow by Tracy L. Higley

Set in the Greek Island of Rhodes, this historical novel is set right between the Old and New Testament.  Tessa of Delos, an ancient-day escort and enslaved by the powerful politician Glaucus finds herself in the precarious position of trying to cover up his accidental death.  She meets Nikos, a slave who has the ability to turn her stone heart into a living one and unravel her feelings.  She finds a friend in Simeon, a kind Jewish head servant who seems to know about a kind of freedom she has never heard of.  Surrounded by powerful men, can she out-plot them to cheat her destiny and change her future?

Greek history is a fascinating topic in itself, but when coupled with Tracey Higley's writing abilities and insights, it is a great read.  A few twists and turns makes for some suspense, but I liked the characters and their heart journey's the best.  I even stayed up late to read the ending, I really needed to know what would happen to Tessa!

Another one of Higley's books (which I liked even better) is called Garden of Madness,  I have to say I am becoming a fan of her work!

I received this book for free from BookSneeze contingent on a non-biased review.

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