Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gabby God's Little Angel by Sheila Walsh, Illustrated by Marina Fedotova

Gabby God's Little Angel is about a little angel in training, Gabby, and how she is assigned to a sweet, accident prone little girl.  This book teaches young children that God loves them so much that he has sent helpers in the form of angels to watch out and protect them.
To begin with, this was a huge hit with my four year old.  She loved the story and laughed every time Gabby would have some mishap.   She took the book to bed with her, and then had it out again first thing in the morning.  I rarely see her get attached to a book so quickly.  5 out of 5 stars from her!
The illustrations, done by Marina Fedotova were warm and bright and accompanied the story well.  They remind me of some of the books that I had in the 80's, almost  a "Precious Moments"  kind of styling and  painting.
The story was well written and perfectly cute and funny.  Words like "Woo-hoo and Ta-Da"  make the story fun to read.  It is a little cliche, like how Gabby the angel trips over her harp (because we all know angels play harps.)  I like the usage of Psalm 91 as a center point to the story.
As a mom, the most important part of the story for me was, "Did they get the message?"  For that, I  give Shelia Walsh an A+!  The two biggest ideas, God loves you and he has sent angels to protect you;  my four year old could recite immedietly after reading just once.  Whenever my kids fall and don't get hurt like they could of I always tell them to say, "Thank you Jesus for protecting me!"  This book brings that message to life.  Loved it.
This book was provided to me free from Book Sneeze for an unbiased review.

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